Company History

Our company, TERMOPLUS LTD. was founded in 1986 in Pécs with 2 employees, with its main activity being heating technology. Originally we mainly dealt with servicing and repairing agricultural and – less frequently – household gas appliances. Our gas fitting activities were later extended with servicing and maintaining large kitchen appliances. Our first site was opened at Pécs, in Siklósi road 4 in 1990, and repairing household gas appliances also became a main activity of the company. In 1994 we move to Sarló street, and then to Baranyavár street 20 in Pécs. This is our current location where we work with 6 employees. For a professional, full service of our customers, the members of our service team have master exams for gas pipe and gas appliance servicing, gas and oil fuelled appliance certification and supervisory qualifications, gas fitting and industrial gas technology safety supervisor qualifications, and connecting pipe and household appliances commissioning certificates.


We are the commercial branch office, official dealer and service of GB-Ganz heating technology Ltd. in the South Hungary region since its founding in 1995. Our company trades and services GM make pressurised gas burners from ABG 3 to SGB 900.
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Household gas appliances

We deal with repairing any gas appliances used in households: cooking-ranges, convectors, wall mounted gas heaters, gas circulators, gas heaters with water reservoirs, gas-furnaces and combined gas-furnaces, anywhere in the country. As part of our different promotions, we for example go to Pécsvárad on Thursdays and to Pogány, Kozármisleny, and Szalánta on Tuesdays without a call-out charge, thus, we also make our services available to village people. Calls can be made at the phone number 72/517-830 from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Industrial gas appliances

The main profile of the company at its founding was servicing of industry scale gas appliances, and we still deal with such activities. For example, we repair large kitchen machines (cast iron burners, boiling pans, large kitchen cookers, ovens, chafing dish buffet warmers, etc.), and crop dryers, heat centres, industrial ovens, industrial boilers, water heaters, and gas pressure controllers of these appliances. We mainly perform servicing in Baranya, Tolna, Somogy and Fejér counties but we undertake repairs in any part of the country. Besides repairing industrial gas appliances, we also do maintenance works on the basis of a lump sum; in case of a failure, we start troubleshooting within 12 or 24 hours, depending on the contract.


Gas burners for agricultural dryers



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